Automatic offline management mode switching points

Washing machine expert analysis, in order to achieve automatic offline washing promotion of enterprises ' operating efficiency, we need to optimize the structure of products, promoting the transformation of traditional production mode, transition to product-centric, small-batch, a variety of type of operation organization mode of production to achieve break through the limitations of traditional management.

For the time being, our automatic offline production management technology is still immature, needed to achieve the introduction of foreign advanced production management, technology, promote production management of manufacturing enterprise in China improved. Ensure that all aspects of effective coordination within the production management, enterprise production management mode of sound. Production management system consists of the production system, production control systems, operating systems. Production management system for dealing with the relationship between all the systems so that the various systems are subject to, coordinated, timely and effective operation, improve the resilience and adaptability of enterprise production management system. Powerful production management information system, which helps accelerate the updating of enterprise production management mode.