Explore the use of the environment and of folding machine wash safety

Folding machines: probably most of us in folding machine, just note the folding speed, effectiveness and price factors, and often ignore safety issues. This is also caused by the inertia of thinking. We thought that the machine was already familiar with, it's not like washing the opportunity to have high speed and heavy load or like ironing machine for pressure vessel, steam input, thus ignoring safety problems. Due to folding machines have more movement of rollers and conveyor belt, at high speeds in the slightest mistake might have been involved in causing damage. Therefore, in choosing a folding machine, also as a safety measure.

Roll folding machines have more movement and the distance between the rollers, but stick shaft small gap usually involved in danger. New national safety standards also noted that, focusing on requirements "or hand-wound hair easily clamps should be taken to prevent protective devices" and easily clips to a detailed description. Select the folding machine, users should consult the stick shaft outside without protective equipment, how to cover, bezel, etc. If not, when a user purchases should be careful.