Industrial washing machines can be washed six clothing

It was reported that at present in China and even in the world of industrial washing machines, washing, because the clothing material and shape constraints, and is a part of clothing cannot be washed.

Silk clothing should not use industrial washing machine, silk clothing and soft texture, poor after grinding, washing in a high-speed operation of the pail fuzzing and even formed a lot of fluff, dry and very unsightly. Embedded clothing cannot be used industrial laundry washing of silk cloth, because embedded silk fabrics wrinkling after twisting, fit in only around 35 degrees of neutral liquid soap or synthetic cleaning solution soaking gentle washing, after rinse, let them drip dry. Industrial washing woollen clothes cannot be used, because the interlining wool clothing is cotton and linen fabrics, in rotating drum roll deformation because of uneven shrinkage after water absorption is affected, fastness to decline, so woollen clothes dry cleaning is generally used.