Offline hand-washed cloth washing grass problems

Offline washing linen washed "color" offline washing washing temperature is too high, can produce color, washing should be noted. Once the color should be carried up and down rapidly in the original wash rinse, then throw into cold water wash. If not you can put colors on 80 ℃ hot SOAP solution (strong) repeatedly carrying rinse, then wash with warm water, usually can be removed. White clothing as well as any traces of insurance clean powder or sodium hypochlorite solution is used.

Offline washing linen washed "flower" called "flower" refers to the parts washed colors lighter. Mostly due to the washing force excessive, uneven operation, and uneven brush, water temperature is too high leads. A slight "flower" in paving the way for clean, flat on the platen slightly brushing twice, and then adds a small amount of insurance in the heat of mild liquid soap powder (per 5 litres of solution plus half a tablespoon), then clothes carrying up and down quickly rinse several times in the liquid soap, more serious "flower" back into dye.