Offline washing to remove all kinds of stains

How to use offline washing to remove all kinds of stains, and sincerely hope that you will wash out with offline washing of linens are cleaner.

Ballpoint pen grease, the first thing to look at is what kind of material. General practice: a dry towel under the stain, wash gently with a small bristle brush touched alcohol along the threads. This repeated two or three times, you can remove the stain. If after a few remnants, available hot soap bubble or boil to remove with cotton and cotton/polyester fabrics can be used this way. In addition, sodium hypochlorite, potassium permanganate can also be used to remove ballpoint pen grease. If the woolen clothes stained with ballpoint pen on oil, trichloroethylene and stain into alcohol (was 4:6) mix solution soak for ten minutes, and from time to time using a brush to gently brush brush, after most of the stain dissolves, and then washed with SOAP and water or a mild detergent at low temperature.