On the importance of ironing machine vacuum

Ironing machine is a kind of washing machine, belonging to the laundry and ironing and finishing equipment. Its main components are usually single, double, roll, roll by hand or power running, reaches a certain temperature, when wet clothes between the two rollers, you can eliminate a lot of moisture and achieve the effect of ironing. Used for bed sheets, tablecloths, square of cloth and so on.

Linen after ironing line, water evaporates in the linen, and evaporation of water by hot ironing machine felt by fan to suck.

Heavy workload ironing machine production is often restricted by the extractor vacuum, vacuum check task often is ignored by the maintenance staff.

Proper maintenance of fan will not only significantly improved ironing machine drying capacity, can also improve the effect of fabric finishing. If the linen ironing machine then there is something that looks like the absence of iron, that shows that fan needs to be checked.