Washing machine ironing machine two troubleshooting methods

Washing mechanical hot flat machine a paragraph used big diameter stainless steel drum, has ironing efficiency high, and hot flat speed fast applies Yu the laundry room and the washing room for sheets, and quilt cover, and tablecloth, and towel, fabric of ironing flat of efficient laundry room equipment, although the equipment has these advantages, but in using among also will appeared some fault and the accident, following is hot flat machine common fault phenomenon of fault reasons and the solution method.

Failure causes

ironing machine pulley diameter too large, could not reach the bottom,drum diameter too small contact area is not enough´╝îbad,excessive wax or wax, felt blocked


exhaust valve opening, adjust the ironing machine, check that the impeller is clean and wash, check the duct size and shape, modified exhaust pipes,higher replacement of felt or thin hot springs