Discussion On Pile Of Sludge Dewatering Machine Screw Application In Wastewater Treatment

We state the cities, there are some small pile of sludge dewatering machine screw factory, County and village there, but from the perspective of future developments, are basically small and flat-folding screw dewatering machine factory. Therefore, the size, number, should be our future environmental protection equipment of your main service object, so adjusting our product. The development of domestic environmental protection enterprises, after 2000 years is developing very quickly. In future, China's environmental protection market is very large. Although we build speed quickly, but the gap is still very big. From the 2006 national environmental quality report, I picked out a few. Our main soil and water, our great river, the River, the Great Lakes pollution is still very powerful. From an international perspective, everyone used to know photochemical pollution in Los Angeles, United Kingdom London "fog", Japan's Minamata disease, which has killed thousands of people. Water pollution of the Taihu Lake and our country.