Flatwork Ironer Flat Fabric Of Hot

With the development of industrialization, many machines have been improved. Which folding machine and ironing machine used in combination to achieve perfect no one automation effect, then Shanghai will share the relevant content for everyone.

Flatwork Ironer Flat fabric of hot

Folding machine

The use of ironing machine for fabric ironing, and folding machine to form one, ironing can save manpower can improve ironing speed. Folding machine works as follows: the use of folding machine delivery when the operator can be flattened fabric corner into the clamp, folding machine sheets and other fabrics will be all started to rise in the hot quilt cover can be used to prevent the cover wrinkle device, The use of the machine on the brush from the left and right sides of the quilt will be flat on both sides of the flat, and then use the conveyor belt to clamp, modify the quilt of the quilt. Such as hot plate cloth and other large and heavier fabric, the central part of the easy sagging, the use of folding machine in the center of the front of the lifting device to assist, the fabric can be neatly into the ironing machine ironing. In the ironing part of the fabric has a volume, with a belt brush to cloth at both ends of the fold out to comb, can reduce wrinkles. Under normal circumstances the fabric sent to the receiving station, the use of vacuum suction system delivery to the conveyor device, the use of spring clip press the fabric, the heavier fabric will be more stable transmission. Ironing machine can be used for bed sheets, quilt cover, tablecloths, mouth cloth, pillow bags and other ironing machine, folding machine fabric transmission, full-featured.

Ironing machine

Ironing machine also known as ironing machine or ironing machine, according to the principle of hot design for the fabric after washing a large area of fabric after the hot scalding, such as bed sheets, quilt, tablecloth, etc., but also suitable for relatively small Flat fabric hot, ironing, drying (such as pillow bags, aprons, mouth cloth, etc.). Ironing machine work principle ironing machine according to the heating system is divided into two categories.

One is the drum heating type, that is, the drum as the heating body, by the conveying system, transmission system, control system, rack and other components. The heat pump is usually made of stainless steel plate with a uniform wall thickness of the hollow cylinder, in the cylinder input cycle steam heating, condensed water from the barrel into the bottom of the bottom of the discharge tube discharge. When the fabric is hot, the generated steam is discharged through the exhaust hood arranged above the machine. If the use of electric heating, in the hollow cylinder with electric heating device, through the infrared radiation heating. Drying tube ironing machine with ingot with envelope form, the envelope surface of up to 75% or more, hot use area is relatively large. Steam heating drum type ironing machine requires steam pressure control in the 0.6MPa below.

The other for the bottom slot heating type, referred to as the slot hot. The hot surface of the bottom slot is made of stainless steel or stainless steel composite plate to form a semi-circular hollow cavity, the inner pressure steam heating or the heat conduction oil heating, the formation of heating the main body, with the conveyor belt, Systems, power systems and control systems, etc. together form ironing machine. This kind of machine pressing the big drum is filled with holes in the hollow iron cylinder, the external wrapped around the dense spring and the composition of the blanket on the blanket, hot drum will be squeezed by the fabric, through the entire heating bottom groove surface. As the dehumidification system is connected to one end of the drum, the steam produced by the hot fabric is pumped out directly from the dehumidification system.

Bottom slot heating ironing machine due to the upper roller to move up and down, the surface of the hot groove are generally less than or equal to half a circular surface, the area can be used relative to the drum heating machine is small, thermal efficiency is relatively low, but the pressure Big, scalded fabric is good. The bottom of the mouth of the mouth heat ironing machine ironing, the clothing was hot clothing fabric of the initial out of the high requirements of the steam pressure requirements are relatively high. Domestic bottom slot heating ironing machine steam pressure is low, easy to cause "rubbing list" problem (fabric extrusion over). When the hot ironing machine is working, the working speed can be adjusted. Under the same steam pressure condition, the ironing speed depends on the size of the drying cylinder and the thickness of the fabric. Ironing machine drum with a single drum, double drum, three drums and four drums and other forms, the choice of ironing machine ', according to the washing, baking, ironing the number of selection, the steam pressure is not big enough, the choice of more Roller ironing machine is more appropriate.