Flatwork Ironer In Terms Of Operability

Flatwork Ironer In terms of operability

First, flat ironing machine washing cloth grass gray, hardening factors

1, the water quality of washing water, the use of relatively hard water such as groundwater, because the groundwater dissolved in the mineral composition, especially the high content of calcium and magnesium.

2, flat ironing machine washing cloth when the excessive use of detergent. Mainly the use of chlorine bleach, excessive use of chlorine bleach may be uneven in the distribution of washing liquid, so that the accumulation of chlorine on the fabric formation of grass and gray, but also the formation of fabric damage.

3, flat ironing machine Wash cloth grass when the use of fluorescent whitening agent or softener. Excessive use of fluorescent whitening agent or softener for a long time will also form the accumulation of these substances on the fabric, and then by drying, and then the formation of linen fabric gray, yellow, hardened.

4, flat ironing machine washing cloth when the deposition of various impurities. When the cloth is washed, if the operation is not correct, such as flat ironing machine washing speed is too slow or too fast so that the washing liquid impurities, dust deposits deposited on the fabric, followed by the increase in the number of washing, Gray, yellow, hardened.

Second, the flat ironing machine washing cloth grass gray, hardening the problem of treatment

1, control flat ironing machine washing cloth water quality. Try to use soft water such as tap water, if no soft water, in the washing cloth before adding the appropriate soft water agent, after a few minutes, plus detergent began to wash.

2, flat ironing machine loading cloth grass to be appropriate, washing liquid alkalinity should be moderate. The use of chlorine drift should be adopted after the reductant dechlorination, fabric bleaching should be used regularly when the use of chlorine bleaching and oxygen bleaching.

3, flat ironing machine Wash cloth when you use the appropriate detergent and bleach.

Flat iron machine washing cloth grass gray, hardening problem is mainly attacked in northern China, the northern washing cloth grass with groundwater, so the water is relatively hard in the north, the south of the water is relatively soft, the southern wash cloth with the lake comparison many. This situation is not related to the flat ironing machine itself.

In terms of operability, ironing and folding equipment in the efficient work of the convenience can not be ignored, especially in the social laundry factory, facing the diversity of linen when ironing and folding the linkage of communication, the speed of automatic adjustment, not Qualified linen semi-automatic, automatic screening and other functions are also very important. Which also includes the type of cloth grass iron, ironing number, frequency statistics and so on. A range of functional and data information provides the actual operator with the convenience of providing management data for the manager.