Flatwork Ironer Ironing Effect

Flatwork Ironer Ironing effect

Laundry ironing machine how to ironing better

Ironing program - mouth cloth, pillowcase

1. prepare

Will wash, bake good mouth cloth, pillowcases according to the provisions of the stack, pillowcase to smooth the opening, and the opening to be consistent, and adjust the machine speed, mouth cloth 10 m / min, pillowcase 12 m / min.

2. ironing:

The pillowcase or mouth cloth four corners flattened, put straight into the conveyor belt, his hands should be quickly finishing, to both sides of the wiping, pay attention to observe the ironing of the linen whether the phenomenon of wrinkles, to be timely waxing cloth, found smudged , Broken, and should be promptly removed, fold the corner to show the re-wash, fold the two corners for the reported loss.

3. Interface cloth, pillowcases

Check the release of the cloth or pillowcase quality, requiring ironing, hot dry, no wrinkles, mouth cloth sizing moderate, will be washed, reported loss of the individual placed, folded when the cloth cloth 100 stacks, pillowcases 4 A stack of stacks, and 25 stacks of 100 shelves, and finally the number of accurate records.

Ironing procedures - bed sheets, tablecloths

1. shaking bed sheets.

The bed will be placed in accordance with the provisions of the grave into the large cloth grass car, the requirements of the fold, four corners flat, and asked to pay attention to check the washing quality, stained after the cut out of the big wet wet processing, , When the bed sheets pay attention to safety.

2. ironing:

Adjust the speed of the machine, the sheets or tablecloth flat, straight, and put on the conveyor belt, while the hand will be sagging sheets or tablecloth gently Paiping, and smooth delivery, at any time to observe the ironing sheets or tablecloth There are wrinkles, if necessary, to fight the wax cloth, smear to be promptly removed, fold the angle for the re-wash, fold the double angle for the reported loss.

3. take sheets, tablecloths

Put the sheets, tablecloths automatically discounted by the machine, asked to check the quality of folding, flat without wrinkles, there will be stains, reported loss of the individual placed in the folding process, pay attention to check the sheets, tablecloth dry, If necessary, adjust the speed, tablecloth sizing should be moderate, according to specifications, types of classification placed, the last record. A few days later to the uniform warehouse, the number of accurate requirements, transfer clear.