Flatwork Ironer Ironing Machine Purchase Skills

Flatwork Ironer Ironing machine purchase skills

Ironing machine purchase skills

 When the season, is not found in the closet sleeping season clothes are wrinkled? Turn to see customers, suits do not stand, the negotiations are not confident? Clothes naturally dry, how to do a variety of folds? To solve these problems, the average family will purchase ironing machines for contingencies. Regardless of iron or hanging hot machine, although most people will not use every day, but the purchase of a life or will bring great convenience. Hanging hot machine is popular, iron also has the advantage, which buy which, how to buy? Now to share the ironing machine to buy skills.

First, iron, hanging hot machine to buy attention and tips Although more and more people now choose to hang hot machine, but the iron is still some can not ignore the advantages. If most of the clothing is more heavy or often to iron fold more thick pants, or buy iron ironing effect is better. Hanging hot machine ironing light clothing better. If you use the ironing machine ironing thick clothes, you have to choose the power of large production (1400W or more) iron and ironing machine are generally based on different materials, ironing requirements are divided into different stalls, different stalls output steam and temperature , Can correspond to ironing cotton, linen, silk, fiber material clothing. Texture of thin clothing using weak air, thick texture of the use of strong steam. When buying to pay attention to stall distinction, according to their own needs to choose. Use the iron, if you accidentally heat the clothing to leave hot marks, you can first use lemon slices, or dipped in lemon juice wipes wipe, and then wipe with a soft cloth soaked in hot water, and finally dry soft Cloth quickly dry, you can restore.

 Second, hang the hot machine to buy detailed guide to buy the car hanging machine to pay attention to businesses extra gift of small tools, small details, so that ironing shirts, pants and other clothes more convenient and convenient, common gifts pants clip, Collar assistant and so on.

Third, hanging hot ironing machine tips High temperature steam on the clothing material has softening effect, ironing clothes need to use the artificial pull down the clothes straightened. Down the clothes at the same time, the steam nozzle close to clothing, gently pull down until the iron. Choose the corresponding fabric stalls, relying on high temperature softening fiber, relying on tension ironing clothing. Hot to clothing corner, it is necessary to pull on both sides, up and down about carefully ironing. Ironing dress and other special positions or ironing pants, you can use the gifts in the ironing assistant, ironing better.

Iron use Note 1. General type of iron can not automatically control the temperature, ironing the fabric when ironing, a little care will be the clothing burned. Ordinary type of electric iron continuous power can not be too long, otherwise, will burn out the heating element, will also damage the plating layer and burn clothes; 2. In the use of thermostat iron process, turn the thermostat knob to force Lightly and slowly spin to the desired ironing of the fabric name on the location. When ironing several different fabrics, adjust the temperature from the lower temperature position to start ironing, when the temperature is not enough, can be properly improved. So that you can continue ironing and can save power; 3. Vapor spray type iron after use, should press the steam button, pour the water tank (water tanker) in the leftover, while the spray button to "spray" file , Continue to power 10min, so that the internal water completely evaporated, cut off the power, until the natural cooling, the steam button and spray button reset, before storage.