Flatwork Ironer Mainly Used In

Flatwork Ironer Mainly used in

Household washing machine equipment, small size, easy to use, almost every household has a household appliances. However, if the home washing machine is applied to the enterprise, we can clearly find that such a small washing equipment for the daily need to wash a large number of clothing enterprises, is completely inappropriate. It is precisely because of this, large laundry equipment was able to be born.

 Compared to household washing machines, large laundry equipment in the degree of washing, washing effect and scientific and technological content above have a great advantage. First, large laundry equipment has obvious advantages in removing oily fouling. Many of us in life will have a lot of dirt contaminated in the clothes above, and if the use of household washing machines that oil is difficult to be cleaned, but the use of large laundry equipment can easily get.

 The vast majority of clothing in the cleaning time will be more or less fade phenomenon. While the use of large laundry equipment can effectively protect the color of clothing. Ordinary laundry equipment is done by processing in water, so most of the dyes are water-soluble. So the possibility of clothing fade is relatively high. But the large laundry equipment used in the process of washing the water is very small, so the use of this laundry equipment when the possibility of clothing fade is also greatly reduced.

 In addition the current market, most of the washing machinery and equipment have been intelligent, with a high technological content. Shanghai Li Jing said that compared to household washing machines, washing machinery and equipment more features, more complex work. It can be seen, large-scale laundry equipment, the technological content is also higher. Washing machine - washing equipment - Taizhou Haifeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The only official website Views:

 Large industrial washing machines are mainly used in factories, hotels and other enterprises, as cleaning staff clothing, hotel linen essential facilities, large industrial washing machines for these enterprises to play a key role in the normal operation. However, although large-scale laundry equipment is widely used, but few people understand its construction principle, which makes once a large industrial washing machine failure, the user will be helpless, the equipment can not be timely maintenance of the final operation of the enterprise.

 Now large-scale laundry equipment in the structure are used in a horizontal roller type of body, and inside and outside the cylinder are made of stainless steel material. The use of such materials can make the machine in the corrosion of the above is very useful, so you can improve the overall life of the machine. And from the use of industrial washing machine principle, industrial washing machines and washing equipment in the construction and working principle of the dryer has a lot of the same. Are the use of drums to achieve the purpose of the work.

 Large industrial washing machine in the operation above can be said to be very convenient. Now large-scale industrial washing machines are controlled by microcomputer, only need to control the microcomputer can control the washing machine. And do not have to worry about the safety of the machine in the course of the problem, because the use of industrial washing machine is very reliable, both inside and outside the tube cover is equipped with a safe locking device, to ensure that the machine will not occur during the operation because the lid Open to cause a safety accident.

Large-scale industrial washing machine Although the appearance of view, simple structure, but the large laundry equipment is the product of science and technology, only to understand the structure of large industrial washing machine in order to better use large industrial washing machine.