Flatwork Ironer Washing Machine

Flatwork Ironer Washing machine

Cloth ironing machine is a washing machine, belonging to the laundry ironing equipment. A laundry room in order to improve efficiency, there is no ironing machine is not enough, ironing machine is divided into many types, double hot ironing machine than the single-stick ironing machine speed, multi-roll ironing machine faster, more efficient Higher, the price is also more expensive than the other two. Multi-roll ironing machine is the reason why the high cost of its design is unique, but ironing machine sometimes because of some maintenance or other production problems and failed to achieve good production and ironing effect. The ironing machine does not meet the expected standard effect. About half of the reason comes from the assembly and maintenance of the equipment.

    Weeds after ironing the water will evaporate, and the evaporation of water through the ironing machine hot felt by the exhaust fan sucked away. The heavy workload of the weaving machine is often affected by the vacuum dehumidification capacity of the exhaust fan, but the vacuum dehumidification inspection task is often overlooked by the maintenance personnel. Maintenance of the exhaust fan will not only significantly improve the ironing capacity of ironing machine, but also improve the effect of cloth after finishing.

    Excessive sizing or sizing time is too short, this sizing method is only to stay in the fabric surface rather than penetrate into, will lead to the fabric when the ironing slurry "paste" live hot carpet situation. So that there will be all the conditions brought about by bad dehumidity, even if the weaving machine fan plate machine itself running in good condition. If the fan is still spinning in the linen ironing machine, the same situation will occur. You must turn off the fan switch, until the wax cloth completely through the ironing machine Caixing. Wax should not be sprinkled directly on the hot trough, which will cause paste the hot felt, is the worst of a situation.

    It is very important that the hot roll hot groove is very important. In general, it is the work of the mechanic of the laundry factory to re-pack the hot felt. Polyester needle felt for hot tank temperature up to 170 ℃ situation, meta-aramid felt is used for higher temperature hot slot. Traditionally, a lot of cloth grass ironing machine need to wrap three laps (layers) hot felt, but now you can use slightly thick hot felt, only two laps can make the hot groove to achieve the required diameter. The thicker felt should be used as much as possible, because it is more robust, can have a higher porosity, can reduce the resistance to the vacuum through the hot roller. Improve the vacuum dehumidification effect is to increase the yield of cloth grass ironing machine a way.

    The excessness of the hot felt of the mattress can cause wrinkles on the fabric, usually a row of wine-like folds. Plaque wrinkles and not so dry ironing effect is hinted that hot blanket wrapped enough, resulting in the hot roll and hot trough contact with the emergence of uneven areas, and even out of the fold. When installing a new linen ironing machine, it should be equipped with a metal measuring tape to measure the length of the hot roll to be accurate to millimeters - this time the accuracy is extremely important.