Folding Machine Folding Machine

Folding Machine Folding machine

The emergence of folding machines for industrial development provides a convenient condition, but also the liberation of manpower and material resources, but also to ensure the production of the normative, so it soon became the industry's recognition, and has been widely used, then its role What is it? How can we install it to ensure efficiency? We see the introduction below.

    The role of folding machine:

    The role of folding machine in our lives can be reflected around, we used the handkerchief paper, clothing manufacturers after the production of clothes, the need for neatly stacked, sent to the vendors, in this process, the existence of equipment is very important.

While the use of the customer must pay attention to some of the details, if you do not pay attention to the details of the case, no matter how good equipment have a bad day, so, want to ensure that the equipment has a good work efficiency, we must first ensure its life, Use the time must be timely clean up the surface dust, to ensure that the equipment clean and tidy; the use of equipment when the need for timely addition of the chain and gear lubricant.

The use of equipment should pay attention to check the compressed air, because the working principle of the equipment is the principle of air compression, is to fully compressed the air, so as to achieve the effect of this stereotypes, so we should pay attention to whether the normal range of compressed air, but also clean up The sensor above the dust, otherwise it will affect the induction. Washing equipment: automatic washing machine, dryer, ironing machine. 3 kinds of machines. There are folding machines, the current domestic use very little. Mainly due to high prices. If it is dry cleaners. Use dry cleaning equipment, dry cleaning machine, there are automatic and semi-automatic points or according to the washing medium different points.

    Washing machine work by the water, laundry, drainage, and dehydration four processes. In the washing machine, these four processes are controlled by the corresponding push switch. Washing machinery, these four processes can be fully automatic operation, until the end of the laundry. Washing machine features

    1, dry cleaning machines, including the use of different solvents, dry cleaning machines, such as tetrachloroethane dry cleaners, carbon black dry cleaning machines, oil dry cleaning machines, liquid carbon dioxide dry cleaning machines, fluorine dry cleaning machines, etc., all kinds of dry cleaning machines According to its different technical indicators can be divided into open-type dry cleaning machine, fully enclosed dry cleaning machine and the fifth generation dry cleaning machine. 2, washing machine category, including single washing machine, dehydration machine and washing machine drying machine tunnel continuous washing machine, and its integrated tunnel automatic washing system. Washing machine according to its different performance can be divided into gravity fixed and full suspension. 3, dryer category, including exhaust dryer, composite air dryer, intelligent dryer, and so on. Exhaust dryer according to its different structure can be divided into the top of the blowing and the bottom of two kinds of suction. According to the duct state can be divided into axial duct and meridian duct type. 4, ironing machine, including straight hot roller ironing machine, slot hot roller ironing machine, universal folder machine, light board folder machine, portrait ironing machine all kinds of special clothing folder ironing machine, and so on. 5, folding machine category, including universal folding machines, special folding machines, folding conveyors, laminating machines and so on. 6, auxiliary machinery, including ironing platform, to stains Taiwan, small steam generator, clothing transport machinery and so on.