Gas Ironing Machine Following The Fashion Trend To Upgrade High-tech Products

As science develops ironing machine is also gradually developing, because in fact also has to develop, he is also AIDS in the apparel industry, with the development of new clothes, ironing machine in progressive development.

Steam ironing machine advantages include: automatic Jet heated humidification and humidification uniform, ironing machine high quality fabrics Aurora does not occur. Also has easy to use security features.

In a certain sense, clothing is a collection of science, technology and art of socio-cultural representations. Ironing ironing machine technology and skill as a garment-making industries and traditional skills, occupies an important position in the sewing technology and processes. Starting from material sorting, to final product perfect forms, are inseparable from the ironing machine, especially high-end apparel sewing, more need to apply to iron ironing machine technology to ensure sewing quality and exterior styling technology. Clothing industry with the "three sewing, ironing of seven" to emphasize the ironing machine in sewing process of status and role.

The inheritance and development of iron technology, process, our principles to be studied and mastered iron technology, combining traditional techniques and modern technology.