Industrial Automatic Washing Machine Removal Factory Implement Three Quality Management

Industrial automatic washing machine removal product design is the quality of the source, outsourcing quality is a tributary, independent production is quality of the middle reaches of the products manufactured are the river downstream, only parts of excellent design + good + the correct operation, can guarantee the automatic offline washing factory product quality.

Quality work, the most dangerous due to mistakes caused by factors such as abnormal, but unable to avoid mistakes in their daily work. Therefore, daily work management systems must be established "If there is a quality, will be able to immediately find and respond to system". Must train employees even if they are again small exceptions, makes no secret of culture to train when it was pointed out that mistake, "thank you tell me" culture. To achieve this, the "three no's" activities without defects-found not qualified parts not assembled; not bad products-guarantee their quality (self test); do not let bad-not make defective products flow into the next process (mutual inspection, test).