Industrial Washing Machine Application Areas

Industrial Washing Machine Application areas

Analysis of Application Field of Large Industrial Washing Machine

First, we all know that the current society is an era of rapid industrial development, economic and industrial development of the two-way so that people's living conditions gradually improved. The city we can see everywhere in the factory, then the staff of these factories is how to clean the work clothes? It is necessary to talk about large-scale industrial washing machines, and these factories in some of the staff to clean the work clothes is the use of large industrial washing machines. Because the work in the factory, then it will often cause some pollution on the work clothes, if the clothes are not cleaned in time, it may be a threat to the health of the staff, so the factory will use large-scale industrial washing machine often to them Of the clothes for cleaning.

  Second, there is some hotels in the hotel. We all know that the city is now full of hotels and hotels, like this place will often contact with fumes and grease. As long as the hotel or the hotel in the work of the staff, in the uniforms will basically have the presence of oil. Then this time on the need for large industrial washing machines to carry out collective clean-up, and this is why the industry staff in the uniforms on the more clean reasons. Such a service industry can not let the staff wearing a grunge clothing to work, so the impression to the customer is not good.

 Third, there is a hospital. In the hospital can be said that there will be a large industrial washing machine. Because the doctor at work will often contact some of the bacteria, so the work clothes are cleaned once a day, a hospital doctors and nurses have so much, so be sure to use a large industrial washing machine. But also in the work clothes when washing also need to add some disinfectant to be able to thoroughly clean the uniforms.

Finally, some of the lodging school. Probably not the nature of the school where there is no large industrial washing machine. But the nature of the school is certain, because they are some minor students, so they are not very their own clothes to be cleaned. And the staff so much, so to use a large industrial washing machine Caixing.

In the operation of industrial washing machines should master a few points

First, the industrial washing machine as a number of industrial business is now a good helper, with excellent performance, in the cleaning of clothing, not only the cleaning effect is excellent, more convenient to operate, as we solve a large number of clothing cleaning problems. Then the use of such equipment in the process, which should pay attention to what the problem? The following small series to a brief introduction:

 1, this type of industrial washing machine drum must be locked before they can start the device to start running, otherwise it may lead to a variety of fault problems.

 2, if it is necessary to clean wool fabric or a variety of subtle things, gauze, etc., need to put these items into the gauze pocket, and then into the industrial washing machine which cleaning.

 3, industrial washing machine with clean water to clean clothes, usually clean 1-3 times, every 5-10 minutes or so, until the clean clothes.

 4, this type of industrial washing machine as a result of relatively large intensity, so the development of a sound maintenance program is extremely important, adhere to the monthly for the industrial washing machine to do the appropriate maintenance, maintenance work, and to add parts of the lubricating grease.