Industrial Washing Machine Consider The Factor Is

Industrial Washing Machine Consider the factor is

The washing time of the hotel industrial washing machine should be arranged and the precautionary matters

First, in the hotel industrial washing machine, the washing time is one of the most important factors affecting the washing effect of weeds, we must scientifically and rationally grasp the hotel industrial washing machine washing time. Hotel industrial washing machine cleaning a wide variety of linen, different types of linen hotel washing machine washing machine is also different, we must be scientific and reasonable to grasp the hotel industrial washing machine washing time, in the shortest possible time to achieve the best results.

 Second, there is a view that the same type of dirt fabric washing with the hotel industrial washing machine, 90% and 75% of the installed capacity compared to the former fabric than the latter, as long as the extension of washing time and more detergent, you can achieve the same effect. In fact, this view is wrong, because there is no consideration due to overload and affect the hotel industrial washing machine washing mechanical factors, even if the detergent and extend the washing time effect will not be great, will only waste raw materials and time.

  Fourth, for the general stains after a certain washing time can be removed, but the backwash should be appropriate to extend the washing time. The performance of the detergent has a certain decisive effect on the decontamination efficiency and speed of the main washing. The detergency of the detergent is high and the decontamination speed is faster. The strong alkaline detergent should minimize the washing time and avoid the fabric damage.

 5, the hotel industrial washing machine washing time arrangements must also be considered the fabric structure, performance, color fastness, the degree of old and new and fabric fastness and so on.

Six, for the industrial washing machine cleaning time, many people think that the longer the washing time the better the washing effect. In fact, a long time to clean the dirt will be scattered in the water once again absorbed into the grass, but did not achieve a clean effect, so the scientific and reasonable set of cloth washing time is the hotel industrial washing machine washing an important factor.

1, the choice of industrial washing machine is an important consideration when the energy and water consumption. An energy efficient industrial washing machine not only helps protect the environment, but also reduces operating costs and helps save money. An energy efficient industrial washing machine may require more expensive initial investment, but it is cheaper in the long run.

2, is now widely efficient energy efficient industrial washing machine. All industrial washing machine energy efficiency and performance level, from A-G, A-level for the most energy-efficient. Industrial washing machines are graded using standardized testing, testing and labeling of their own medical industrial washing machine manufacturers.

3, washing performance and spin efficiency test provides the basis. More expensive medical industrial washing machines are generally higher grading because they often include many features that improve efficiency, such as electronic control systems that help reduce power and water use. The front loader is often more effective because of the fact that in the top of the load the machine, the clothes need to be completely submerged in the water while the front loader can only perform half full of water.