Industrial Washing Machine Do Not Run A Few Reasons

Industrial Washing Machine Do not run a few reasons

Industrial washing machine motor without any reaction: At this time should check whether the fuse is broken, and sometimes there will be a fuse to make the motor failed to work and can not work. Burn insurance - like the circuit over the current phenomenon, need to carefully check whether the short circuit, loose together after the replacement of the fuse. Industrial washing machine motor internal winding circuit: the multimeter can be used to measure the DC resistance of the two windings of the motor, the main and secondary winding resistance should be a few I-Europe, if the total towel has a resistance value of m, then the motor has been damaged, Of the motor. After washing the various items are relatively clean, soft, beautiful, fluffy, inventory, tied the number of accurate.

First, the industrial washing machine washing the Department of clothing management system

1, gown collection. When you receive a gown, you should check the clothing and laundry, and confirm your receipt.

2, important gowns, VIP gowns or important guest guests after washing, by the department manager to the guests to show special care.

3, gown washing compensation system. If the customer is required to pay compensation, it will be treated by the department manager, and if the inspection is true, it is necessary to apologize to the guests and repay the compensation according to the quality of the laundry. The maximum amount of compensation shall not exceed 10 times of the laundry fee. Shanghai invoice

Second, the industrial washing machine washing department library staff responsibilities

1, responsible for the daily storage of cotton and passenger items. All kinds of items should be classified storage, registration book, in charge of the number of items stored to ensure that the surrounding needs.

2, every day will be washed clean cotton stock collection, the code put neatly, the number of inventory to prevent the shortage.

3, regular inventory, and do inventory records to pay managers and financial staff.

4, the monthly consumption of goods to do statistics, consumption accounting, fill out the accounting statements, to the relevant departments.

Third, the industrial washing machine washing manager duties norms

1, the development of laundry clothing, cotton fabric collection, washing, quality inspection, distribution work, training transceiver, in strict accordance with the procedures.

2, the establishment of bath cotton fabric turnover warehouse work, improve the custody, washing, recycling and other operating procedures and management system.