Industrial Washing Machine Gradually Expanded

Industrial Washing Machine Gradually expanded

Industrial washing machines, automatic elution of the two words I believe we have heard, because the relationship between the two more "intimate", so everyone is easy to confuse it. Today, legislation on the net with everyone to talk about this industrial washing machine automatic elution between the relationship.

Industrial washing machines are two kinds of products are used for the bulk of cloth water washing equipment, the title is different from the industrial washing machine that is a specific product name, at the same time it can be described as the name of all industrial washing machine. Said it is the name of a specific product, that is our traditional horizontal industrial washing machine, the emergence of the earliest products, industrial washing machine is called this is the only, but later with the product "family" gradually expanded, With a fully automatic elution machine, elution bake one machine and other products, the word has become an industry vocabulary. Has become all the single-tube laundry capacity of more than 10 kg, applicable to all hotels, guesthouses, hospital laundry, laundry, factory and other industrial places of the washing machine general term.

The automatic elution machine refers to a specific product, that is, stand alone to complete the cloth from the pre-wash to the main wash, from the main wash to rinse, from rinse to dehydration of the entire laundry process products, Washing machine is different: greater capacity, better washing performance, more durable, more applicable. For example, my company's XGQ, XTQ series of products. Although it also has such as elution, elution and so on, and so on, but no matter what the name, the product is the only reference.

So this point of view, industrial washing machine refers to an industry name, automatic elution is a specific product, if the relationship between the two, then the automatic elution machine belonging to the industrial washing machine, Hope that we should not be confused.

And today I only talk about this, in order to strengthen everyone's understanding of it, know the difference between the two, and then in the actual purchase and the seller to communicate, not because of a product called the mistakes, Buy on the resistance. In fact, not only that, for industrial washing machine automatic elution machine, the market also called it as a washing machine, industrial washing machine, industrial washing machines.

Finally, for everyone to support the move, the actual choice may wish to semi-automatic and fully automatic call, such as automatic industrial washing machines, semi-automatic industrial washing machines, for the former refers to the automatic elution machine, while the latter refers to the horizontal industrial washing machine The This method is not only applicable to my company, but also for other industrial washing machine manufacturers.