Industrial Washing Machine Increase Ventilation

Industrial Washing Machine Increase ventilation

Keep the laundry inside dry. The damp laundry environment has been criticized for large washing machines, especially where large amounts of water vapor will accelerate its rust. In order to reduce the humidity of the laundry room, you can increase the ventilation facilities, and the exhaust steam discharged from the dryer to the outside, and to check the steam pipe can not be leaked. The pipe joints with raw tape wrapped around the tight, so do not leak can be.

Second, when washing as little as possible leakage. Large washing machine in the washing time, there will be leakage of the situation, so that the bare iron plate rust occurs. Leakage generally have two kinds of situation: 1, the bearing at the water leakage, large washing machine bearings if the seal is not strict, there will be water leakage, generally have the following treatment: a coated waterproof glue, b, the bearing screw tightened, c, replace the seal Circle, d, replace the bearing. 2, there is leakage when the washing is the time, the washing machine door water diffuse, the solution, to maintain a moderate water level, do not high water level.

Third, often large-scale washing machine into the sun exposure, the sun is the best disinfectant, usually in the business is not busy, you can drag out a large washing machine exposure, so that you can sunscreen large washing machine above the water stains, you can also play To sterilization. If the surface of the washing machine is really rusty, you can re-paint the washing machine, put on new clothes, giving a refreshing feeling.

Drum-type large washing machine water level is an important technical factors affecting the washing effect. Water level to grasp properly, not only affect the washing quality, but also reduce the utilization of laundry equipment, reduce efficiency, resulting in water, electricity, steam and detergent waste. Study found that the water level problem is a very common problem, more than 80% of the users there are different levels of water level problems.

The main problem of large laundry equipment is the main wash water level is high. Investigation found that the water level is generally the main water level is high. Of course, there are main water level and the water level is low, but one of the few, the vast majority of the performance of the main water level is high. How does the water level affect the washing? 1. The water level directly affects the detergent concentration in the wash solution. In determining the detergent, the effect of the detergent on the washing effect is determined primarily by the concentration of the wash liquor (chemical action). Water level is high, indicating that the washing machine water injection, detergent concentration will be reduced, washing detergency will be weakened.