Industrial Washing Machine Laundry Equipment For Cleaning Agents

Industrial Washing Machine Laundry equipment for cleaning agents

Laundry equipment for a long time, the machine will breed a lot of bacteria, if you have used the breeding of bacteria have been washing equipment, then the clothes will appear secondary pollution, the body once put on the second pollution of clothing, bacteria infection is the pole Easy to happen. Especially for the elderly and infants, pregnant women such special groups, because of their own physical quality reasons, is very susceptible to infection of bacteria. Especially in the laundry equipment breeding some of the mold, for women is very dangerous, particularly vulnerable to fungal vaginal inflammation and other gynecological diseases, such as pregnant women will not only affect the newborns will be more susceptible to infection, there will be some Athlete's foot or tinea on the skin. Bleach

Although the appearance of laundry equipment looks relatively clean, but because of the use of perennial, the barrel has accumulated a lot of dirt. And then need to do is put the first half of the pot of water and then add 400 ml of bleach, the laundry equipment to open, let it turn for about half an hour, the bleach can clean the dirt inside the tube, and this When the laundry equipment drainage work, because in the process of rinsing, bleach residue will remain in the tube, in the bucket of water and a thorough drainage.

2. Special cleaning agent for laundry equipment

Put the prepared special cleaning agent directly into the laundry equipment, stir evenly, turn the laundry after about 20 minutes, remove the washed water. The discharge of water and then into the laundry equipment, so repeatedly discharged and poured into the cleaning several times can be stopped, and finally rinse the inside of the laundry equipment, the laundry inside the water can be discharged.

3. Hydrogen peroxide can go to the pharmacy to buy a bottle of hydrogen peroxide

Washing staff can go to the pharmacy to buy a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, poured into the laundry equipment coupled with the right amount of detergent, so that the laundry equipment to stir out the bubble can stop turning, so immersed for three hours or so, you can effectively sterilization Bacteria, then need to use clean water to clean it.

4. The general use of laundry equipment will also have a large drum washing machine, then the drum washing machine how to disinfect it, if the use of drum washing machine life is longer, which requires disassembly cleaning more trouble. We can only do some simple cleaning, if you want to clean up on the need to find a professional drum washing machine cleaning master, so you can clean up.