Industrial Washing Machine Operation And Maintenance Are More Convenient

Industrial Washing Machine Operation and maintenance are more convenient

Industrial washing machines are the most common, easiest and most easy to maintain in the washing equipment. The structure is compact, the operation and maintenance are more convenient, the design is more suitable, the operation is very smooth, the service life is long and so on. , Liner, shells are made of high quality stainless steel, the advantages of the main area is small, beautiful and generous, performance is relatively good, more durable and so on. For a variety of cotton, wool, linen, chemical fiber blended fabric and other clothing more suitable, this washing machine is widely used in garment factories, washing plants, industrial and mining enterprises, schools, hotels, hotels, hospitals and other laundry, It can reduce labor intensity, improve effective work efficiency, but also can improve work efficiency and reduce energy consumption, it is a good helper in our lives.

Removal of various oily dirt, all kinds of daily necessities (cosmetics, lubricants, stationery, etc.) contained in the various types of oil, is the main technical advantages of industrial washing machines, as most users are basically used professional industrial washing machine Solvent, industrial washing machine machine water is very limited. But some clothes can not use industrial washing machine for cleaning.

The following is the type of clothes that can not be washed by industrial washing machines:

1, silk clothing is not appropriate to use industrial washing machine for washing, because the silk clothing texture is soft, poor grinding, washing in the high-speed operation of the washing tub is particularly easy to fluff, resulting in the formation of a lot of pompon on the surface, dry and then wear Have a sense of elegance.

2, silk clothing clothing can not use automatic industrial washing machine for washing, because the silk cloth twisted after twisting, only suitable for about 35 degrees in the neutral soap solution or synthetic washing solution soaked gently wash, and then Rinse with water, let the natural dripping dry.

3, wool clothes can not be washed with industrial washing machine, because the wool lining of the fabric is mostly cotton and linen fabric, in the drum rotation will be due to uneven shrinkage after the shrinkage of water, affecting the appearance of good, fastness, so wool clothing generally used Dry cleaning.

4, with gasoline and other flammable and explosive solvents can not use industrial washing machine washing, because these solvents not only easy to corrode the washing machine, there may be due to the heating process during the heating and other phenomena lead to explosion, it must not be in the washing machine Wash the clothes with such solvents.

5, such as shoes and sand clothes and clothing with metal ornaments can not use the washing machine washing, because they are there are relatively hard convex objects or friction particles, it is easy to damage the washing machine. The large washing machine is a washing machine that can hold large quantities of laundry, which is different from the home washing machine. The large washing machine is aimed at bed linen, quilt cover, carpet, curtain and employee uniform for hotels, hotels, schools and so on. To ensure that these places in a timely manner replacement of supplies, companies choose a large washing machine to carry out. Washing machine is a mechanical equipment, equipment in the long-term operation will inevitably after the occurrence of minor problems, so when used to pay attention to its maintenance.

1, after the completion of the cleaning work, to large-scale washing machine soap box for cleaning work, soap residue is corrosive, if long-term accumulation in the box, will cause the soap tank is eroded, Once the soap box is eroded, it is horrifying for the next batch of laundry, because the soap is also contaminated with the clothes, and it is conceivable that the laundry so washed is more polluted than before it is cleaned. After the cleaning , With warm water to clean the inner wall of the soap box to ensure that the soap box holds a clean storage environment,