Industrial Washing Machine The Basic Principle Of Decontamination

Industrial Washing Machine The basic principle of decontamination

First, the nature of industrial washing machine wash away the decontamination. It is well known that the washing machine used in the industrial washing machine is to wash the mechanical solvent, so that the "scrubbing machine" is actually "solvent scrubbing". The first principle of removing the dust is to dissolve the mechanical solvent to dissolve the dissolved components. So the industrial washing machine in the washing machine can dissolve what kind of dirt, you can wash off what kind of dirt.

Second, the industrial washing machine washing auxiliaries. The dissolution of any organic solvent simply does not contain starch, protein and carbohydrates, and the clothes are inevitably stained with such dust. Thus, how to wash the clean water in the process of cleaning the water-soluble dust becomes the primary task of scrubbing machinery skills. In the early scrubbing machinery skills, the first use of alcohol as a way to help decontamination. And later gradually developed a special scrub mechanical auxiliaries, that is, washing machine soap oil, washing machine soap, washing machine soap and so on. The primary ingredients of the scrubbing machine auxiliaries are surfactants, solvents and water. The effect is in the scrubbing machine to wash the mechanical solvent-based environment, the use of clothing and washing machinery on a small number of water washing clothes on the water-soluble dirt. Wash the use of mechanical additives, so that scrubbing machine scrubbing method more perfect, can make most of the first water-soluble dust to be washed clean.

Third, the industrial washing machine moisture and its effect. Washing machine: Wensheng Shengyi is a professional equipment for washing machinery and clothing. The so-called "dry" refers to the use of water as a scrubbing medium. Precisely speaking, the scrubbing machine is actually "solvent scrubbing". So, there is no water in the scrubbing machine? The answer is yes. Otherwise, why should the scrubbing machine be equipped with a liquid water separator?

Already scrub mechanical machine is rich in certain water, it will certainly play the appropriate effect. Washing machine skills to the development of today, washing machine mechanical moisture is also the first to be known. Practice has proved that washing machine can not be no water, but the washing machine can not be too much water. Thus, the proper amount of water in the scrubbing machine is great for the effect of the scrubbing machine.

People know, after washing the clothes after the clothes in addition to oily dirt was washed away, some water-soluble dirt and other dirt can also be washed off a lot. The result of this is due to the scrubbing machine inside the water. After washing the mechanical additives of the bridge effect, the use of scrubbing machine to wash the mechanical solvent-based environment and a small amount of water in order to water-soluble dirt and other dust washed away.