Industrial Washing Machine The Characteristics Of Industrial Washing Machine

Industrial Washing Machine The characteristics of industrial washing machine

Industrial washing machine as a number of industrial business is now a good helper, with excellent performance, in the cleaning of clothing, not only the cleaning effect is excellent, more convenient to operate, as we solve a large number of clothing cleaning problems. So in the use of such equipment in the process, should pay attention to what the problem? Here to listen to the professional brief introduction.

First, the drum of such equipment must be locked before they can start the device to start running, otherwise it may lead to a variety of fault problems.

Second, if it is necessary to clean wool fabric or a variety of subtle things, gauze, etc., need to put these items into the gauze pocket, and then into the industrial washing machine which cleaning.

Third, the industrial washing machine with clean water to clean clothes, usually clean 1-3 times, every 5-10 minutes or so, until the net clean clothes.

Fourth, such equipment due to the relatively large intensity of work, so to develop a perfect maintenance program is extremely important, adhere to the monthly washing machine to do the appropriate maintenance, maintenance work, and to add parts of the lubricating grease.

Fifth, usually every six months or annual overhaul once, its fault problems and serious wear parts to be replaced.

Sixth, when the industrial washing machine after each operation is completed, the need to keep the remaining water in the cylinder after the clean, the staff and then leave the scene to ensure that the equipment does not run the work, can have a dry state.

Seventh, for the various parts of the industrial washing machine and the internal structure, must be regularly cleaned and checked, remember not to allow the components to touch the liquid, and electrical parts also need to take regular maintenance and maintenance measures.

Eighth, if the process of running found in the industrial washing machine there are abnormal ringing or other symptoms, should immediately stop running, will be troubleshooting and then restart.

For the use of industrial washing machine, now in different industries has become very common, it as a high-tech equipment, not only excellent performance, more for everyone to bring a lot of convenience. Want to understand and washing machine-related information and knowledge, you can consult our staff online, Jiangsu surplus a good faith for the new and old customer service!

 More and more industrial equipment, these devices are in order to be able to better develop the industry. If you talk about the industrial washing machine, I think a lot of people have heard of, this is a kind of industrial use of equipment. So today we mainly look at the characteristics of industrial washing machine which have seen after the understanding of this device will be more.

     To say what are the characteristics of industrial washing machine, in fact, really very much. First of all, this is a computer program control, mechanical and electrical integration of equipment, can be manually operated, automatic and programming. Compared with the traditional equipment, the emergence of such equipment is also reflected in the high-tech changes and progress, and easier to operate, so now the equipment in the industrial industry is very useful.

     Second, the device is energy saving and environmental protection. Energy conservation and environmental protection has always been strongly advocated by the state, but for many reasons, there are still some equipment can not meet this requirement. However, the emergence of industrial washing machine can be very good to meet this point, the state will certainly support the use of strong, in the course of the use of stable, variable frequency stepless speed, the staff can rest assured that safe use. The suspension of this device, the vibration is relatively small, and in the whole process of running, the noise is very low, will not affect the surrounding environment, but also to ensure the safety and health of the staff. To know long in a noisy environment to work, people's health will certainly be affected.