Industrial Washing Machine Washing Equipment Componentsa

Industrial Washing Machine Washing equipment componentsa

The reason why the washing efficiency of industrial washing equipment is low

Washing equipment power is in the specified time to complete the number of components of the fabric washing equipment, washing equipment, the more components, the higher the cleanliness of the washing equipment, the higher its power, otherwise the lower. In our usual use, you will find that with the use of time to increase the washing equipment production power compared to the previous large shrink, which gives the user no small confusion. Today, with everyone under the washing equipment, low power several factors:

1, the internal components of the damage and not normal

With the increase in the use of time, washing equipment, the original mechanical parts will inevitably show subtle damage and irregular, which during which the most often show: motor belt light Chi, lack of bearing, motor cooling uneven, transmission damage.

2, not the use of standard operation

The operation of the standard operation can not only improve the working power of the washing machine machinery, but also prolong the service life and reduce the fault attack. The non-standard illegal operation can not only affect the washing equipment, but also enhance the mechanical attack The risk of failure.

3, long time full load operation

Washing equipment machinery attributed to the new machinery and equipment products, it is not suitable for full-day full-load operation, so we should do a good job, in order to ensure its normal operation and performance of some of the operating power, to remind the washing machine every day, 16 hours.

To determine the cleanliness of a large washing machine equipment, we have two methods, one is the visual method, one is the standard measurement method, the following we have to talk to everyone:

The first is the visual method, the so-called visual method, that is, by visual observation of clothing wool in the large washing machine after washing the equipment after the degree of cleanliness, in general, we are in the washing before the artificial in the clothing to create clothing, And then in its dry cleaning, so that you can observe the side of the dry cleaning before and after the solution;