Rapid Development Of Industrial Washing Machines, Mechanical Disinfection Need Attention

According to reports, the dyeing industry in the space of a few years in China, employing more than 3 million people. Mechanical disinfection had become a serious issue of concern.

Due to the cleaning service industry is a new industry, relatively backward technology and equipment washing; most laundry washing linen are not disinfected, disinfection of environment pollution, poor, make the complex sources of clothing cause cross contamination in the washing process.

Washing machine industry in China commonly used method of disinfection and sterilization of ozone, ultraviolet sterilization and liquid detergent are three, but each method has some drawbacks. Disinfecting detergents have been developed in recent years as an oxidant, such as bleaching, chlorine-containing preparations, its nature can decompose, bactericidal activity.