Tumble Dryer A Decrease In Water Content

Tumble Dryer A decrease in water content

From industrial dryers, everybody is more of a focus on using aspects of content, but our industrial dryers again good, as long as our users are not satisfied, then there is need to improve, how to let the user's satisfaction is our efforts, we not only in the process of development in the future to make our industrial dryers itself quality, more important is we have to make our equipment in accordance with our user experience degrees, such equipment is the best, sincerely hope that the broad masses of users to give more valuable opinions, we will try our best to meet the requirements of customers in technology.

How does the industrial dryer use electricity?

One is that industrial dryers are a consumable device, especially for electric heating, which can be used for dozens of hours per hour. And as one of the main equipment of towel sterilization shop, we can't use it. So how to save electricity is the most concern of users.

Two, it seems to small make up, without changing industrial dryers under the premise of its structure, function, we can perform and effective energy saving methods, are often based on optimization operation basically, of which the following a few you might as well try.

1, try to reduce the disinfected water content of dry towel, as the moisture content reduce, then the drying in the dryer working time is shorter, shorten work time, namely electricity saving. Therefore, the main consideration is how to reduce the water content of the towel by optimizing the washing process.

2, uniform drying, uniform drying means will be disinfected drying towel unified collect together drying, the main purpose is to reduce the frequency of switch machine dryers, shorten the heating times and time, thus saving electricity.

3. Reasonable loading, some users deliberately put more towels into it in order to improve the single cylinder workload of the industrial dryer. This way not only promote efficiency reach expected effect, but also because the overload, and bring a towel to dry not thoroughly, drying time is long, the problem such as mechanical working pressure, so to ensure that the drying effect, we must ensure the appropriate load.

4. Timely and proper cleaning and maintenance. For industrial dryers, the smoothness of the operation of the fan directly determines the heat transfer effect, and the specific effect of the heat transfer effect will also affect the speed of drying time. In the case of fan, timely and effective maintenance and cleaning are the essential purpose of ensuring the normal operation of the fan.