Tumble Dryer Changes In Instrument Readings

Tumble Dryer Changes in instrument readings

1, if the industrial dryer once an abnormal failure, immediately observe the industrial dryer changes in the instrument readings, the connection parts of the situation, the sealing surface of the leakage, the oil and water and abnormalities and the motor fever And so on.

2, in the event of failure to listen carefully to the sound of industrial dryer, and sometimes the sound of industrial dryer is also passing us to the fault information, this time you have to carefully listen to the sound of industrial dryer is normal ;

3, carefully smell the industrial dryer workplace whether there is pungent smell of oil, the feeling of hand to check the industrial dryer parts and motor temperature is normal, and determine the overall state of the industrial dryer connection And the vibration of the situation,

4, observe the industrial dryer cyclone dust collector or swirl pipe is blocked material situation, if there is no blocking material, the dust in the normal operation is not issued buzzing sound.

Industrial dryer users ask questions why:

Customers think they are using the industrial dryer for drying time is not fixed or even when the morning is still in operation, the dead of night, the noise emitted by the machine in the quiet midnight is more harsh, seriously affected the surrounding neighbors to rest from these phenomena , As the industrial dryer manufacturers should optimize the equipment, equipment, power can be the same, but the noise must be reduced, including our shape can also do some adjustments, the customer believes that only can reduce the noise Of the industrial dryer can do better, I hope we can consider these issues in the development process, and ultimately make our industrial dryer equipment has a better development.

Company Technology Department Response to this question:

From the industrial dryer, we are more concerned about the use of the content, but our industrial dryer no matter how good, as long as we are not satisfied with the user, then there is a need to improve the place, how can we let the user's Satisfaction is where we work hard, and in the course of our future development we will not only make the quality of our industrial dryer itself, but more importantly, we have to make our equipment in line with our user experience, such equipment Is the best, sincerely hope that the majority of users more valuable advice, we will try to meet the technical requirements of customers.