Tumble Dryer Drying Control Mode

Tumble Dryer Drying control mode

Industrial dryer control methods and drying principle

1, industrial dryer is a washing equipment, usually in the water after dehydration, used to remove clothing and other textiles in the water. Most industrial dryers include a rotating drum, which is driven by a belt and hot air around the drum to evaporate moisture. Clothes drying cylinder are used roller reversing the principle of drying clothes to achieve the effect of non-winding items.

2, the industrial drying machine drying control methods are basically two, one is the knob timing drying control, there are 20,40,60,80,100,120 minutes and other quantitative timing control, the user chooses the amount according to the amount of clothing bake Dry time, drying control mode is relatively simple, practical and reliable performance, Europe and the United States and other countries basically use this control. The other is the automatic control plus timing control mode, thick clothes or thin clothes have different drying procedures to choose from the sensor automatically control the clothes that stop, more energy-efficient, not damage the clothes to Japanese products as the representative of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia Use more.

3, the industrial dryer is the use of heated air, exhaust fan will be heated dry hot gas into the drying drum drying clothes. The motor in the industrial dryer is rotated at low speed by means of two drive belts and the high-speed rotating exhaust fan is rotated at a low speed. The wet clothes are lifted and shaken in the drum with the drying drum. The exhaust fan passes from the bottom of the machine The filter will be a lot of fresh air pumping, part of the air into the heater and heating, and the other part of the air into the hot air duct and high temperature air blending, forming a strong dry hot air is drawn into the drying drum for drying Industry, heat exchange through the waste through the filter was discharged outside the machine.

4, household dryer generally use horizontal roller structure, there are two styles, one is floor type, the other is wall-mounted. Europe and the United States and other countries larger housing, are used floor type, mostly placed side by side with the washing machine, the capacity is relatively large, a dry dress 7 kg or 10 kg level. Japan and Hong Kong and other regions smaller housing, are wall-mounted, with a bracket to the dryer placed in the top of the washing machine, the capacity is relatively small, a dry clothes 3 kg or 4 kg level.

5, industrial dryer, linen dryer in the drying process to produce a large number of high temperature of the steam discharge machine, so the large capacity of the machine installed in the room, the general should be laid wet pipes will be discharged to the water vapor, Small capacity machine even if not laying wet pipes, the use of indoor windows should be open to the natural circulation. Italy launched a few years ago, washing and drying one machine, industrial washing dehydration machine automatically into the drying process, the use of condensed water condensate treatment technology, is an advanced design concept, is the future development of industrial dryer direction. But because of the complex structure of the product, expensive, in recent years there is no big international development.