Tumble Dryer Evaporation Intensity

Tumble Dryer Evaporation intensity

Industrial Dryer Evaporation Intensity and Temperature

The evaporative strength of the industrial dryer is calculated by the inlet air temperature, the exhaust air temperature, the feed temperature discharge temperature, and so on. Industrial dryer mainly by the cylinder, before and after the tug device, into the material device, and gear cover and other components.

The new R & D dryer has low outlet temperature and high thermal efficiency. The new dryer is on the basis of the original, the use of waste heat to warm up, do not need any dust removal equipment, dryer production of one ton of material can save 1 to 1.5 kWh, saving coal 1 to 2 kg, and also Saving the dust collector bag replacement costs, so that both reduce investment costs, but also to meet the requirements of energy saving. Drying machine anti-overload ability, low energy consumption, low drying costs, large capacity, three cylinder dryer is the use of downstream drying method, the material and heat flow from the same direction into the dryer, the use of high temperature air Obtain high evaporation intensity. Dryer selection of reasonable parameters, coal consumption and power consumption is generally lower than the average dryer 10 to 15%, yield increased by 10 to 15% or more, has been in the cement and mineral processing industry has been widely used.

We all know that in the baking process, if the temperature is not in place, baking pastry is certainly not ideal, if the temperature is too high, there will be paste phenomenon, if the temperature is too low, pastry will not Cooked, can not eat. This fact is the same as we operate the industrial dryer, the use of industrial dryers, we have to ensure that the heat balance, because if the industrial dryer heat can not reach equilibrium, the material will not dry Even if the paste, or clip students, this is certainly not up to the standard, and ultimately lead to the user's economic losses, then in the end how to grasp the temperature of industrial dryer, the following is a detailed description:

1, the industrial dryer sluice reasonable control, adjust the industrial dryer ventilation. When the industrial dryer ventilation is too large, it is necessary to reduce the wind gate in time to ensure that the entire firing zone in the positive pressure environment, if necessary, to the bottom of the billet to control the amount of air into the wind, After the gate of the industrial dryer to carry out the low water content of the dry fuel to add, with the industrial dryer temperature gradually returned to normal after the wind gate, so that the development of fire, and to the industrial dryer ventilation to accelerate fuel combustion, Industrial dryer heat. When the ventilation is too small, to improve the height of the dam, so that the burning belt with the front of the negative pressure environment, the rear in the positive pressure environment for material calcination. While maintaining the insulation position and the amount of air into the cooling position to improve the fuel combustion quality and heat exchange efficiency, eliminating the industrial dryer dryer dryer phenomenon.

2, to the industrial dryer temperature detection According to the industrial dryer temperature trends on the industrial dryer temperature to accurately determine, and as a basis for the addition of external fuel to control. To ensure that the addition of external fuel in accordance with the principle of a small number of small, to avoid too much or too little fuel to add temperature rise is not up to standard or incomplete combustion phenomenon.