Tumble Dryer From Product Performance

Tumble Dryer From product performance

With the drying of the industrial washing machine refers to the machine is not only equipped with washing and drying function to one of the industrial washing machine, which is a more representative of the product is our washing bake one machine. How about the industrial washing machine with the drying, the price is not high, from the product performance and so on, it also applies to what places, in what kind of fabric washing treatment. For the industrial washing machine with drying function, it is more integrated than the traditional industrial washing machine, the function of the machine itself is higher, the function of the machine itself can be diversified, and the fabric can be washed away from the washing, Dry multiprocessing. In this way, it can effectively reduce the number of linen fabrics in the conversion between different devices, so as to enhance the degree of automation of linen processing, reduce the labor intensity of workers to operate. In a certain sense, it also effectively reduces the laundry floor area requirements, improve the scope of application of the equipment.

As the function, the application of many components, manufacturing difficult, so for the drying of the industrial washing machine prices naturally higher than the ordinary type of price. With the drying of the industrial washing machine, due to a variety of functions integrated, so the functional integration of the situation, compared to traditional industrial washing machine naturally more advantages, but also because of this multi-functional integration, so to enhance the probability of machine failure. Not only that, the actual user feedback situation and look, the kind of drying effect of the model compared with the traditional industrial dryer, drying effect slightly worse.

Through the introduction of the above, we probably understand the performance advantages of the industrial washing machine with drying, shortcomings, the price situation. That being the case, then for our consumers, how should we choose, straightforward, which places suitable for the purchase of this model, which kind of place is not suitable for the purchase of it? In this regard, that, for some small Hotels, fast hotels, or individual dry cleaners, laundries, or all the foot bath, bath, beauty and other washing capacity of cloth is relatively low, the use of different frequency of the machine, taking into account the cost, Of the factors, we can choose with a drying function. And for all large and medium-sized hotels, hotels, or hospitals, laundry, laundry plants, washing plants and other places, due to large capacity, the use of high strength, high frequency, then more suitable for separate purchase. Although for most of the large washing machine equipment, its installation, commissioning are responsible for the manufacturers. But for a small number of models of products, users still need to install their own. Installed and bad, the relationship between the machine can not be used, so easy to use. Here we come to talk about this large-scale washing machine equipment installation method. As the saying goes, it is necessary to do the first thing, the installation of large washing machine equipment, we should do the following preparatory work. First of all, the choice of installation location, should consider the machine's own weight and production of the earthquake will have the impact of the installation site, in general, for more than 50 kilograms of large washing machine equipment, we should avoid the use of the installation in the floor, as far as possible Do it completely grounded. The installation ground should be smooth and flat. To prevent the instability caused by jitter, noise problems. Installation location should be with the wall and the surrounding equipment to maintain at least 60 cm above the distance for the follow-up maintenance, maintenance to facilitate.

Large-scale washing machine equipment is an industrial washing machine products, its water consumption, power consumption, air consumption, so access to power should take full account of the machine's own power, generally need to access 3-phase power, the specific power value should be based on large washing machine equipment Of the energy set. Its access to water, there should be water towers or other water equipment to ensure the timeliness of water supply and water pressure stability, for the conditions of the user, the need to install the corresponding softened water equipment. Access to steam, should consider the product of gas consumption, to ensure the stability of gas and air pressure. Prepare the equipment before installation, the specific installation steps can be carried out with reference to the following.