Tumble Dryer Introduction To The Classification

  Tumble Dryer Drum dryer is a specially designed for the drying of wood sawdust products designed, the equipment set drying dry and dry, than ordinary dryer energy saving, can maximize the energy savings and drying costs. Mainly applicable to the application of sawdust, lees residue, rice husk and other industries of large particles, large proportion of material drying, such as ore powder, slime, coal and so on.

   Tumble Dryer Using self-made combustible gas as a heating source, drying for the two parts: the drum, snake tube. Roller part: inner roller, outer insulation two layers. The inner drum is equipped with three inner helical pieces, which can make the drying material move evenly. It is called the frying heating, the snake tube is the second use of the heat source, and the drying material is drawn into the screw device by the induced draft pressure To achieve drying effect. The existing dryer generally use coal, wood as a heat source. Labor intensity, high cost, thermal efficiency loss, heat utilization less than 30%, the general water content of 35% of the original half bucket to 3 to 4 times drying, and gas drum dryer can make water content of 35% of the raw materials A successful drying. Saving 75% greatly reduce the drying costs. Dryer gas, gas source from the carbonization kiln, charcoal kiln produced by the carbon gas for the use of dryers. Comprehensive estimates: annual savings in drying costs nearly million. Application: Suitable for chemical industry, mining, metallurgy and other industries large particles, than the heavy material drying, such as: ore, blast furnace slag, coal, metal powder, phosphate, ammonium sulfate. For the special requirements of the powder, granular materials such as: HP foam, lees residue, light calcium carbonate, activated clay, magnetic powder, graphite, dregs.

The machine adopts the advanced drum to copy the board structure, the material enters the cylinder, under the action of the copy board, is constantly scattered in the hot air flow, so that the surface of the particles fully contact with the hot air, so as to achieve the best drying effect , To complete the drying process of the material one. It is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical, cement industry drying slag limestone, coal, slag, clay and other materials. The machine is mainly composed of rotating body, hoisting plate, transmission device, supporting device and sealing ring and other components. With reasonable structure, well-made, high yield, low energy consumption, easy operation and so on. The machine can also be used for the production of compound fertilizer, drying a certain degree of humidity and granular fertilizer, but also can be used for other materials drying, the machine plate distribution and angle design is reasonable, reliable performance, and thus high heat utilization, Uniform, clean up the number of materials for easy maintenance and other characteristics.

  Tumble Dryer Drying machine, three drying dryer, three drum dryer, intermittent dryer, direct thermal dryer, clothes drying dryer, powder dryer, stone professional dryer. Drum dryer is one of the drum dryer.