Tumble Dryer Precautions

Tumble Dryer Precautions

Install test run

1, the equipment should be installed on the basis of the level of concrete, with anchor bolts.

2, the installation should pay attention to the main body and horizontal vertical.

3, after installation, check whether the various parts of the bolt loose and the mainframe door is tight, if any, please fasten.

4, according to the power of the equipment configuration power lines and control switches.

5, check is completed, the empty load test, the test can be normal production.


1, when the clothes dryer by the manufacturer transported to your laundry room, you first of the routine inspection of the dryer: check whether it is for you to buy the mechanical model and in the delivery process is damaged, can not Use and other issues, problems should immediately take pictures and contact with the manufacturer.

2, clothing dryer before you should determine the installation location of the dryer, dryer installation location should take into account the transport channel, raw material turnover, water, into the steam and the location of the sewer, here to remind you should be drying and dehydration Machines, dryers and other equipment installed together to reduce the distance between these devices to prevent the location of the improper selection of the follow-up caused by all kinds of trouble.

3, clothing dryer is a large, heavy weight of the laundry equipment, so the machine should be installed on a solid foundation, while maintaining the level, to prevent improper site and installation location caused by uneven ground equipment work There is a large vibration, thus affecting the washing efficiency and dryer life.

4. Refer to the instruction manual of the clothes dryer and follow the relevant contents in the manual to find the electrical control cabinet door of the industrial washing machine, and insert the 380V three-phase power cable and the neutral line according to the terminal. (It is necessary to remind the dryer Electricity must be 380V, prohibit access to low voltage or high voltage)

5, refer to the clothes drying body label that the corresponding access to the inlet pipe and steam pipe, if not with the steam conditions, can be blocked into the steam port. If the steam heating function is used, install the pressure indicating device and the safety device at the obvious point of the main steam pipe.

Annual maintenance

① Check whether the fixing bolts of the stand are loose and strong.

② check the support spring connection tension and adjust the line.

③ Check the grounding of the equipment and ensure reliable.

④ check the computer board control, wind wheel, heat exchanger flexibility.

⑤ on the equipment on the thermometer and other equipment to send the local technical supervision of measurement.