Tumble Dryer Widely Used

Tumble Dryer widely used

Automatic laptops are currently used in the industry more, is set washing and dehydration in one of the high intelligence equipment, a key operation, easy to save trouble, customers use good 99%.

Automatic eluting machine widely used 7 major features:

1, the use of touch-type programmable microcomputer automatic control, with a high degree of automation, security and stability, anti-vibration and other advantages, can be automatically added water, pre-wash, main wash, rinse, and other major procedures, The program is available with 5 sets of automatic washing procedures.

2, the use of the most advanced full suspension structure of the cylinder to avoid vibration, from the original hard impact design to compression spring plus hydraulic dampers combination shock absorber structure, so that the machine work in high-rise buildings can achieve the desired shock effect, Unique under the suspension damping design, shock rate up to 98%, ultra-low vibration, improve the stability of the equipment at high speed.

3, high-precision inverter motor and brand-name inverter, the machine running the program speed stable and reliable, high-quality imported brand inverter, to ensure the minimum speed and maximum speed, both to ensure the washing quality, but also improve the dehydration rate.

4, the use of high-quality bearing oil seal, can withstand high-strength bearing design to ensure that the equipment under heavy load conditions in the normal use of conditions.

5, the size of the stainless steel door design, automatic gating device, both to improve the use of security, but also to meet the needs of loading more linen.

6, the drum made of high quality stainless steel, due to washing in the strong acid, alkali, high temperature and other harsh use of the situation, where the contact with the water are used special spray zinc corrosion treatment to ensure the durability of the machine and linen safety.

7, the machine is fully enclosed, large diameter of the inlet, automatic feeding system, to choose the double drainage and other design, to help you shorten the washing time, improve efficiency and reduce costs, pollution-free environment. Industrial dewatering machine is a good choice for a lot of clothes, not only can clean a wide range of clothing, including wool, large objects, chemical fiber, linen, denim and towels, quilts, etc., also have a safe and clean degree, can be faster to achieve clean effect. And the difference in the weight of the industrial dewatering machine, the size of the weight of the problem will also affect the impact of clean clothing equipment.

Larger weight is suitable for cleaning, more clothes to wear large laundry factory, choose industrial dehydration machine, can improve the washing efficiency, and in accordance with the standard operation, you can save a lot of cost. For those small laundries, it is recommended to choose those smaller size washing machines. Is everything, the only choice of goods, you can achieve such a perfect effect. If you choose a large machine to wash a few clothes, or choose a small machine overload operation, it will have a negative impact.